An Eye Opener

Waking up early Wednesday morning was a surreal experience in light of the news that Trump has clinched the US presidency. A year ago, people around me made light of his ascendancy. TV shows I enjoyed watching, the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Last Night with John Oliver and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, only seemed to confirm the light-heartedness of the situation.

It felt like Brexit all over again except that I should not have cared at all about Trump because it was completely out of my control. I’m not American and have no ties to America.

But it shook my worldview. I had failed to understand how dire life was for many people, even in a developed country. There was little hope for them because the status quo failed them.

But the status quo worked for me and that, I believe, is where the disconnect is.

I do not know any Trump supporters. My Facebook feed is populated by stories and comments of disgust and anger towards Trump. All of that only confirmed my beliefs and sense of righteousness.

I was living in a bubble. Where everything has worked out fine. Where I’ve never had to worry about my next meal. Instead, we compare holiday pictures with each other.

It’s hard to reconcile reality with my beliefs but I’m going to try.

When I’ve fully digested the situation, I plan to seek out opposing viewpoints. I will try my best to put myself in their shoes and have an open mind.

We can’t stay divided. We need to reach out to the other side and work together again.

Written on November 10, 2016